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The danger of multilevel pyramids

But Seño (M’am), sophisticated people like [insert famous name here] has CrapWayLife and earns a lot of money attracting new people to our system! Just write down the names and phone numbers of all your friends here! Ay ay ay, how many times have we been on the other side of this exchange? They want to convince us to get product X…

Ways to Budget

There’s a few ways to budget. Here they are: Using a Spreadsheet and some envelopes. Here is a sample spreadsheet. Save a copy to your computer, go through it, go through the notes. Essentially, at the beginning of the month you enter the values you want to spend, and then keep that amount of money in the envelopes. When you go…

Where does it all go?

On the first you get paid. By the 5th (or 2nd!) you’re out of money. How does this happen? – I have too little money! That could be true, but somehow you’re surviving. Take out the feeling for a minute and think. What did you spend it on? If you can’t remember, if you can’t account for every dollar, then…

Budgeting: It’s all about the Cash Flow

The band El Tri sings: Año con año el dinero vale menos (Year by year money is worth less) año con año todo vale más  (Year by year everything is more expensive) año con año la crisis va avanzando (Year by year crisis advances) y aumentan los abusos del gobierno  (And government abuses increase)