Aprende. Ahorra.

Aprende finanzas personales con tu familia en Inglés y Español. Cambia tu vida sin vender nada, con tu propio trabajo.

US Personal Finance. For Mexicans. Ajúa!

This is a blog about personal finance focused on Mexicans in the US, and discussing our unique challenges. Most posts will be in English and Spanish.

Why a blog about personal finance in two languages?

New immigrants to the USA usually have problems with their basic finances. To get us to a good financial state, we need to be on the same page. Sometimes, the children speak English and the parents Spanish, and there you go, having a 12-year old giving financial advise to mom and dad because they haven’t navigated the American financial world and can’t read the basics on the contracts.

Our viaje financiero is a bit different than that of our American neighbors. They typically start in college or high school, get (or skip) college loans, get out of school, start working, etcetera. Our experience is more along the lines of mom or dad came to the US with kids in tow, kids learned English quickly and the parents not so quickly, or everybody came with little understanding of the differences in the financial system in the US.

For this reason, it’s important to start from scratch and with a little bit of color cultural. This way, the whole family can learn.

I hope you will join me in this journey through saving money and investing, and that we all have prosperity, que buena falta nos hace.